iei-Vision Solutions Pte Ltd with its years of experience in E-solutions starting in Australia, now in Singapore, is here to tailor solutions to you. Asia is a total different market and business-way-of-life. But we managed to adapt and provide services/solutions to you.

A free service to all, for the benefit of the community around the world to buy and sell second hand goods. No transactions are involved.
For company and individual use, where your whole working desktop is online, checking mails, notice boards, virtual hard drive, and so on. Currently it's under Beta version, and a lot more improvements to be implemented.

Designed for users with a server and dynamic IP Address. When you are on the move and trying to remote administer your servers at a location with dynamic IP (Dial up), then IPHolder is the one for you. IPHolder will update our server with your server's current IP Address periodically, which you could get hold on to easily just by logging to our server.

Under development.
Manage computers in your company. Keeping track of software licenses.


B 2 C (E-Commerce) We have solutions for you who wish to create and host your own E-commerce site, or just use our pre-set e-mall by just register your shop in the e-mall, upload your products and start trading securely.

B 2 B (E-Business) Trading partners have different type of trading, no transactions, no credit cards, but with "automation" of processes between a company with its trading partners, vendors, or customers. A solution after we analyze your business flow could save your company time, money and efficiency, increase productivity.

B 2 E (Business To Employee) This service is suitable for established companies, because B2E is to tackle time issue taken for an employee to submit a form to a department 4 levels different for instance. With this solutions (there are unlimited solutions that are implementable), company will increase productivity and save time (time = money).

e-Solutions Give us your query regarding how to get data from point A to point B, we will definitely come up with some efficient, cost-saving solutions for your company's need along with your trading partners.

Customized Software You have your own need in this IT field. Have your software written for your purpose, let the expert write the software for you.

Data Recovery Lost your precious data due to formatting, crash, damage hard drive? No worries, we have a service to cater for that, we can recover deleted files, data after reformatting, data on damaged disks, files when FAT is destroyed.

Databases A good company is the a company which does not waste time and effort on storing data inefficiently. Database is one of our favourite services. A good database design could help you save time and effort in storing data, linking data, searching for data. If you are not using any database at all, contact us, our consultants will surely be able to give you a solution as databases are scalable and efficient way of storing data.

Warehouse Management System This is one of our in-house projects to cater for the need in the supply chain management trend industry today. This project is under intensive research and development.

Document Control System Another one of our in-house projects which is also under intensive research and development.

Web Hosting We also provide hosting for your homepage with a very low and affordable price. With broadband backbone, we could assure you 99.9% uptime and unlimited traffic.

Web Design Our personnels/consultants have a lot of experience in web design for a few years now. We have gone through several stages of the internet technologies, and we always go for the technology that really suits your business. Complicated does not always mean a turn-on.

Multimedia Conversion Because we are in the internet/multimedia business, we also support multimedia conversion to value-add your business, i.e. presentation purposes video, company video, audio conversion, cleaning up audio, etc.

Hybrid CD This is a technology where you need a CD to run a software, at the backend it will connect to the internet when necessary. e.g. Offline Catalogue with a lot of images, sounds, connect internet to get the most updated products and prices.

CD / Diskette Replication Another value-add services for our clients are the CD Duplication, because some companies would like their companies' presentation to be done on a CD distributed for their trading partners, then we could replicate CD for you as a conveniency.

Don't hesitate to contact us at the "contact us" section for a quote or just about anything.